Freebird Management is a Music Artist and Talent Management company based in TN.  We represent both Musicians and Actors/Models.  It is owned by Chris Free.  We are currently expanding and looking for other musicians, actors and singers to join us.  We are seeking all music genres. Actors must have some experience.  We are here to consult and shape the Music Artist and Actor.  Chris is here to help the musician/group, or actor stay on top of his/her game to make a living in the entertainment industry.  We are here to help you concentrate on the music or acting  side of the business, where we help manage the other aspects of the business.  Chris Free is also an established film producer.  He has produced/directed music videos and worked on 2 Music TV Shows. Chris got his start in show business doing over 16 musicals in the US and Germany.  He went on to work in TV at age 16 for PBS.  At age 20 he became a casting director.  He has once owned a movie casting agency in Chicago.  Chris has 4 released feature films with one released May of 2006 through Lions Gate Films.  Chris has also worked with several artists at concerts both Major and Indie Artists. Chris is also a co-host for the SAMUEL BROCK FLYNN SHOW which is based on entertainment and news. Chris also manages and hosts Samuel Brock Flynn Show website and show.

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